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Who we are

Gurkha Private Security Services Limited is a new private security company. 

It is intertwined with the expertise and professionalism possessed by its owner, mr. Stelios Sokratous, as well as its executives. His successful course over the recent years in the field of private security from the position of Head of Human Resources in a private security company, confirms CONTINUITY IN CONSISTENCY. After all, everyone who had the opportunity to work with him knows this very well. The company’s basic operation is to assist police authorities in the prevention of any factor that threatens public order and security.

Why choose us

Having developed a complete protection program, we eliminate any risk in the most discreet way.

By preventing any external action that may affect the work or personal environment of our clients, we ensure a high quality of life for them, free from stress. With the personal promise of the owner of the company and our properly trained and high qualified personnel, we are ready to offer security and patrol services as well as consulting services for the appropriate and most effective guarding, both of people and facilities.

“With respect to the field of Security Services, we offer our solutions with consistency and professionalism.”

Stelios Socratous